If you are looking for the best family beach holidays for this summer, this guide will show you the best direction. Most of the ideal locations are along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and are ideal hot spots for the summer.


From Ft. Lauderdale to Miami Beach, Florida has great recreation areas for families to vacation for a number of reasons. With great weather and miles of sandy beaches, this place is affordable, diverse and offers a variety of restaurants, water sports and a variety of activities for children to participate in.

Cocoa Beach is a popular travel destination, just a few miles from Kennedy Space Center and about an hour’s drive from Disney World. In addition, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is considered one of the best in Florida for families as it is upscale and suitable for children of all ages.

Myrtle Beach has been listed as one of the greatest family beach destinations year after year for a number of reasons. There are numerous children’s hotspots to visit, such as Ripley’s: Ripley’s Aquarium, Le Grande Cirque, a show famous for its acrobatics and other circus artists, and Myrtle Waves Water Park. For older children and adults alike, you should visit NASCAR Speedpark for an exciting insight into NASCAR Racing.

The Hamptons

If you live in the north-eastern side of the States, you should definitely consider the beaches of East Hampton, New York. Be sure to stay at East Hampton House, which is considered one of the best places to stay because of its comfortable beds, and the rooms also have fully equipped kitchens and tenants have access to a private beach that is never crowded.

Anywhere in Hawaii

If you have a reasonable budget and at least a week to take off, nothing compares to the famous beaches of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. No matter which island you choose, Hawaii has the most pristine beaches in the world and you can easily spend a month there and never want to come back. There you will find black sandy beaches on Maui Island, active volcanoes, breathtaking waterfalls, and perfect sunsets. Hawaii is a dream destination for anyone who takes the time to explore these world-famous beaches.

Perhaps you chose not to go there because so many people find Hawaii to be their favorite, go-to location. While it is true that very many people love going to Hawaii, there are still plenty of places to go that are not over-populated. Yes, the best locations are covered in people, but if you’re more interested in a quiet, solitary location then Hawaii has those too!

Redondo Beach

This resort on Santa Monica Bay is ideal for a family beach vacation. Here you can enjoy all kinds of water sports, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, boating and much more. There are also many good restaurants, bars, and shops not far from the Santa Monica Pier.

There are many hotels that extend across the road from the beach or within walking distance of the bay. Whichever resort you choose, each has its own set of special amenities designed for families to enjoy. For more info on how to purchase real estate, go to this link.

San Diego

San Diego is known for its magnificent beaches, its warm climate and its friendly locals. Your family may want to stay at some of the beach cottages for a more intimate approach to their vacation. This place offers numerous amenities such as beach volleyball, fishing, surfing, jet skiing and an amusement park that is open daily. There are centrally located restaurants, shopping and theme bars to enjoy. You should also visit San Diego Zoo and Sea World, which are only 20 minutes drive from the beach cottages.

As you can see, there are a number of great places for your family to go to make memories and recharge their batteries. From the Florida coastline to the black sand beaches of Hawaii, there are many places that can be considered the best family beach vacations.

Tasks will certainly be abundant throughout coastline cities and are not limited. There are usually many ways to decrease costs by taking advantage of complimentary tasks in the location. The very best complimentary tasks will certainly be situated on the coastline itself: swimming in the ocean, taking in sun, developing sand castles with the youngsters and searching for sea coverings or various other sea products.

If you’re the type that delights in sight-seeing, make sure to bring along your field glasses or a little and inconspicuous monocular to see the sights and also to watch out on kids as they play even more away.

Do some research into each of these before making your decision. Everyone has a different preference for the type of holiday they want. Whether a place is top-rated or not, the important thing is that you and your family love it. Discuss together so that you can all enjoy having a holiday together!

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